I’m Michelle.

I make news pop on social media.

I’m Michelle.

I am obsessed with Instagram.

I’m Michelle.

I am a visual storyteller.

I love Instagram.

I can't help it. From the first moment I downloaded the app I was obsessed. A place for images. No links. No BS. It's changed since I first joined. Now you've got Instagram Stories. And IGTV. There are people doing Instagram Live. And suddenly there's Reels. Are you struggling to keep up? I totally get it. Luckily some things about Instagram have remained the same. It's all about the personalities and personal connections. And that's why I love it so much. You can really get to know a person or a brand through what they choose to share. Who are you? And did it really happen if you didn't Gram it? I use Instagram every single day both at work and at home. It's my life. And I want to share with everyone how to get the most out of this very special platform. My ultimate pie-in-the-sky goal is to help every newsroom in America learn how to leverage the power of this free visual storytelling tool.

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